ParentSquare was rolled out in OUSD during Spring 2021 as part of our COVID-19 safety response. Since then, it has become our unified communication platform connecting our families with our schools and the district. ParentSquare keeps our families updated with timely information via Posts, Direct Messages and Alerts by sending notifications via email or text message. It automatically translates into a user’s preferred language and allows parents to submit district forms, permission slips and text their students’ teachers directly.

OUSD uses ParentSquare for district-wide communications (e.g., superintendent messages and updates like the recent tentative agreement) as well as for mandatory forms.

ParentSquare - 3 Minute Overview

Getting Started with ParentSquare for Parents

ParentSquare Training Resources

Getting Started and Introducción a ParentSquare

Learn how to get started and all the options you have as a parent or guardian on ParentSquare. Resources for Parents/Guardians

Aprenda cómo comenzar y todas las opciones que tiene como padre y tutores legales de ParentSquare. Recursos para Padres/Tutores 

Online ParentSquare Training Courses: 

For issues with ParentSquare, please use the OUSD Helpdesk. In order to expedite the turnaround time, please provide the following info:

For other questions about ParentSquare, here are some guides: