Help with OUSD Chromebooks

About District-Loaned Chromebooks

District-loaned Chromebooks for home use are NEW, they are managed by OUSD but they will need to be returned. All students will receive this OUSD Offsite Loan Agreement with their device.

District-loaned Chromebooks versus #OaklandUndivided Chromebooks (printable)

  1. English Version

  2. Spanish Version

  3. Arabic Version

  4. Khmer Version

  5. Mam Version

  6. Vietnamese Version

  7. Chinese Version

Getting Help with a District-Loaned Chromebook


Reaching out to your student's school should be your first point-of-contact. They can help you if you have issues with:

  • Logging in to the Chromebook

  • Broken screen/keyboard

  • Device is not working or turning on

  • Lost or stolen devices


Tech Exchange provides support for families by offering digital skills training as well as providing computers to families that don't have a home computer at no cost.

They can also help students with basic hardware issues and can refer you to your school site if the issue requires the support of the district.

  • Phone (Call/Text): (510) 866-2260

  • Visit: 2530 International Blvd, Oakland, CA 94601

  • Wednesdays - Saturdays 10am-4pm

  • No appointment is necessary

Support Resources for Permanent #OaklandUndivided Chromebooks

Permanent #OaklandUndivided devices were distributed between 2020-2022.

Adult Ed students continue to receive #OaklandUndivided devices.

Parental Controls, Gmail Accounts, Chromebook Management, and Clever Access (printable)

  1. English Version

  2. Spanish Version

  3. Chinese Version

  4. Khmer Version

Updating the Chromebook's Operating System (to fix issues): Google Online Tutorial

Updating Chromebook Operating System (printable)

  1. English Version

  2. Spanish Version

  3. Arabic Version

  4. Khmer Version

  5. Vietnamese Version

  6. Chinese Version

Video on updating Chrome OS (English) (Spanish)

Check the mic settings: Can be done in Zoom under Audio Settings and on the Chromebook, also in Audio Settings.

Video on how to do this (Spanish)(English)


Do you have a permanent #OaklandUndivided computer? Are you having issues with Zoom? It may be that Zoom needs to be updated. This is something you can do by following these quick and easy steps!

How to install/update Zoom on a Chromebook

How do students sign into Chromebooks?

How to care for your Chromebook?

Content Filtering

#OaklandUndivided & Content Filtering One-Pager (English, Spanish, Cambodian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese)

    1. Oakland Undivided Hotspots come with built-in content filtering via WebTitan by TitanHQ

    2. Oakland Undivided Chromebooks are not managed by OUSD as they are personal computers. Parents may wish to increase parental controls for these devices. Learn how:

    3. Families with Comcast or a different internet service provider may also want to add parental controls as most providers make this optional.

Parent Guide to setting up Parental Controls and Gmail Accounts (revised resource from Bret Harte)

OUSD Chromebook Home Use
OUSD Chromebook Home Use - ESP