Healthcare Resources

How OUSD families can sign up for health insurance?

To enroll or renew MediCal, add a new person, or if your MediCal/EBT card is not working, call: 1-510-777-2300

The OUSD Central Family Resource Center is also available by phone to help walk families through these services, make appointments, answer questions, etc. Please call or text us: 1-510-821-2562 More info here:

Where can OUSD families access healthcare? (Sites currently open are listed below for appointment-only services).

Elmhurst Health Center

(1800 98th Ave.). Please call 510-639-1479.

Hawthorne Health Clinic

(1700 28th Ave.). Please call 510-481-4566.

Life/ UFSA Health Center

(2101 35th Ave.). Please call 510-436-3009.

Madison Health Center

(400 Capistrano Dr.). Please call 510-636-4210.

Rising Harte Health Center

(3800 Coolidge Ave.). Please call 510-485-5292.

Shop 55 Health Center

(1023 MacArthur Blvd.). Please call 510-879-1868.

Youth Heart Health Center

(286 East 10th St.). Please call 510-481-4566.

Youth UpRising/Castlemont

(8711 MacArthur Blvd., Ste. A). Please call 510-428-3556.

Other teen community-based health centers are available to all students for appointments by telephone:

Asain Health Services- Teen Clinic

(818 Webster St.). Please call 510-912-8598.

Children Hospital Oakland- Teen Clinic

(5400 Telegraph Ave.). Please call 510-428-3387 ext 1.