OUSD Pathways

What is a Pathway?

A career pathway is a career-themed program available at a high school. An academy is another term used at individual schools to describe career pathways.
OUSD Pathways consist of a cohorted group of students who experience a sequence of industry-themed curricula that integrates career and technical education courses, core academic courses, work-based learning opportunities and student support services. OUSD Pathways are supported by a team of teachers across subject areas and grade levels who collaborate regularly to facilitate student learning. By blending theoretical knowledge with real-world application, OUSD Pathways result in relevant and rigorous personalized educational experiences that inspire students and prepare them for college, career, and community.

Find Your Career Pathway

Oakland Unified School District has 16 high schools and each high school offers an exciting variety of pathways. Whether a student's interest lies in media and design or bio tech and computer engineering, there is a pathway that focuses on those interests.

Pathways offer an engaging curriculum proven to help keep students engaged and graduate at a higher rate than those who do not participate in a pathway.

Pathways are open to ALL students within the OUSD.

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