Google Docs

Google Docs is a fully functioned word processor that makes writing more fun and flexible. With the power of the internet, a Google Doc can be a multi-media, interactive document.

Uses for Google Docs

  • Let students write, revise, and edit using a Google Doc. Students can format their writing and easily insert photos or other visuals from the internet.
  • Comment on students’ work, and let students mark the comments as resolved.
  • Create a “hyperdoc” for students with written content, links, photos, videos. Ask students to review the hyperdoc and then answer questions about it.
  • With Google Classroom, assign and grade Google Docs, and give feedback, even while students are working.

Create and Use a "Hyperdoc"

A hyperdoc is a Google Doc with multi-media web objects. It can include images, video, or active links.

A hyperdoc can form the basis of an engaging, interactive assignment. For example, you can create a document with historical information about the Taj Mahal, complete with images from the internet you find and insert from within Google Docs. Then include links to YouTube videos about the Taj Mahal. Finally, ask your students to answer a question about what they learned. They can type directly into the same document.

How to Use Google Docs with Google Classroom

In Google Classroom, create a writing assignment.

You can tell students to submit their own Google Doc.

OR you can create a template in Google Docs, "Add" it to the assignment, and "Make a copy for each student."