Aeries Parent Portal

General tips on how to sign in to Aeries and view your child's progress


The parent portal can be reached by clicking here. If you haven't created an account yet, you will be asked to do so. You will need 2 pieces of information from your child's school. We'll go over the account creation process below:

Click the Create New Account option to get started.

Select your Account Type

Enter your email address and create a password

You will receive an email like this from Aeries to verify your account

Verify your email address

This next section is where things can get a little confusing. After you have finalized the account creation and go to sign in, you will be greeted by this Student Verification screen. If you were the primary parent or guardian who registered your child or children for school, you would have received an email from your school site with some of this information. If you still need to obtain this information to complete your account, your child's teacher will be able to provide the student ID number. For the verification code you'll want to contact the front office of the school where your child is enrolled. Here is a PDF file with all of the school sites and their front office phone numbers. If you're having trouble finding the contact info, you can also go to the school directory page.

Verify your child's information

Link your account

Account creation complete