Which test is currently being used by nurses at the OUSD testing hubs?

OUSD has partnered with the California Department of Health and Valencia Branch Labs to provide COVID screenings to our staff and students. The CDPH Valencia Branch Lab kit uses a painless anterior nasal swab (see the animation and video). Swabs should not go any further than one inch into the nostril. These kits have been approved to test individuals with or without symptoms.

If a student has trouble swabbing on their own or are too young to self swab, the LVN overseeing the test will help your child take the sample.

Test results are released 24-72 hours after the sample collection date. You will receive a notification via text and/or email when your child's results are ready.

Click here for more information about the Perkin Elmer test in the CDPH Valencia Branch Lab kits.

animation of the nasal swab in nostril going in less that 3/4 of an inch

What should I do before getting tested?

  1. Pick a time and place on SignUp Genius to get tested. If you need help finding the testing booth when you're on site, check the map below.

  2. Register on the Color website for the site you chose to get tested at. You only have to register once for the site you'll be getting tested at. If you decide to go to a different site, you will have to register for the new one as well. Your child does not have to attend these schools to get tested.

    Beginning April 21, 2021, there will be one registration link for all OUSD COVID testing sites. You will only need to register once. Click here to register. Students over the age of 12 can register on their own.

Where can my student get tested?

Click on a location marker to get navigation tips, operating hours, and registration links for both OUSD and community COVID Testing Sites. We recommend opening the map in a separate window to get a better view.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions about student testing?

Please feel free to contact me through email: megan.phuong@ousd.org if you have any questions about site navigation, testing locations, or any other components of student testing.