How can I get one of the at-home test kits?

If you would like to pick up an at-home rapid test, please register at ousd.org/covidtestingregistration. If you have previously registered on Primary, you will not need to register again but you may need to input your personal information to be taken to your patient portal and input results. If you registered during the 2020-2021 school year, you will have to sign a new consent form.

Where can I pick up an at-home test kit?

At-home test kits are available at all 10 of our regional testing sites and at all of our schools. If you would like to pick up at a testing site, please check ousd.org/covidtestingregistration. If you would like to pick up from your child's school, please contact your student's school site for more information.

Who can participate in OUSD Family Testing?

Any family member of an OUSD student can participate in family testing with at-home kits or with on site testing at our regional testing locations. Please check ousd.org/covidtestingappointments for our COVID testing site operating hours.

Not all of my household or family members can come to pick up a test on site, can I pick up multiple kits to bring home to my family?

Yes! When you arrive at the testing booth, you can let the technician know you're taking more than one. Please make sure that each patient that will be testing is registered on Primary through ousd.org/covidtestingregistration.